Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Don't forget your IFAK!

I know what your thinking my auto correct screwed up my title for this blog. Nope that didn't happen what I want to bring to your attention is do you have a weight loss IFAK? What is an IFAK? It stands for Individual First Aid Kit. So what should you carry in your weight loss IFAK? I have to say I can’t make that decision for you because I am not you and don’t know what will keep you from “bleeding out” when you pass by a fast food window or a ice cream shop. What I can tell you is what I keep in my IFAK. I have been eating healthy long enough that I know most of the time when I think I am hungry I am just dehydrated so I always have water on hand. If that doesn't cut it and I am still have cravings I have different bags depending on what cravings I am having. If I want something sweet I put a breath strip in my mouth. If I am feeling like I need protein I keep some almonds or some type of nuts to keep me going to the next meal. I also keep a small note pad and pen with me to write down what I am feeling in case I am feeling like I want to over eat for any reason other than hunger. I also have some apps on my phone that has some calming music if I just need to stop and do some breathing exercises and think about what my goals are and how I am getting there moment by moment. So I want you to stop reading this think about what you should be carrying on your person all the time and make your own personal IFAK! 

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