Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sweet Spud Love

Sweet potatoes are GOOD!! 
THANKS Winslow! 

  Lunch today was a feast! 
 Brussel sprouts and salad (recipes on previous blog) 
Goerge Chicken (sea salt on the goerge foremen grill) 
SWEET POTATO - baked & skin off! 

Alternating Plank Extensions x 20 (each side)
Diagonal crunch x 20 (each side)
Twisting lunge x 20 ( each side) 
10 min power snatch/ squat snatch practice (work to your ability level, focus on form and control)

AMRAP 20 MINUTES - 8 rounds
5 KB clean (each side) - 20lbs
15 pushups - Top stair
5 L-sit pull-ups - Using rings jumping pulling knees up.

1 min partner assisted superman 
1 min swimmers stretch 
1 min forward bend 
1 min reclining cobbler w/strap

Feeling really tired these last two days. Not sure if its from detoxing or what. I have been getting between 8-9 hours of sleep. I had black tea today with no sweetener which sucked and still didn't wake up much. I hope there is a logical answer for this... Any ideas???


  1. AMRAP = As Many Reps (or Rounds) As Possible

  2. Do you mean that you're only getting 2-3 hours of sleep total at night? That'd make me tired even if I was a couch potato.

  3. Feeling really tired is not uncommon when you start changing your body chemistry like this. You probably haven't pushed yourselves physically like you have at CrossFit recently, so it is to be expected and I know I went through the same thing. You will get over it, as your body begins to process the fat and protein, and energy will be abundant! Just make sure that you are getting ENOUGH FOOD! One of the mistakes I made when I started going Paleo was that I was eating the correct foods, but not enough of them, and I got really messed up for a while.

    Also, make sure you get appropriate rest. Sleeping 8-9 hours a night is good, but remember to give your body plenty of time to recover from the breakdown you're putting it through. Sometimes a day or two off to just rest, relax, visit the park or read a book or something, is better for you than another crushing workout. Over-training is detrimental to the cause!

  4. Jen - I am getting no less then 8 hours.

    D. Braun - This is great info. I assume my tiredness is the change i have made to my daily routine with food and with workouts... so, ill press through. As for how much food I am eating... i worry I am eating too much, so, I don't think that is it. Sleep - yes, I am getting enough but a few days off is always good and I have been doing this.

    Thanks so much for all the info, this journey is possible with all the support.

  5. One other thing that helped me with the sleeping is taking Robb Wolf's suggestion to sleep in TOTAL DARKNESS. Not even the light from an alarm clock. I get on average about 9 hours a night and have been sleeping more deeply and dreaming more vividly than ever before. Also waking up feeling more rested. Just take it day by day, devour the information you get from "The Paleo Solution" and listen to Winslow when he talks. The man knows what he's doing!