Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Replicated Pioneer Launch

Just last week we embarked on a new facet of our weight loss and health. We needed a change to our current weight gain rut.

We canceled our gym memberships, Beth cancelled weight watchers and we chose to change the game.

We joined Alive MMA which also houses Alive Boxing and CrossFit Woodstock. Since the recommended diet is Paleo we are planning to change everything about the way we eat.

This blog is just that.... Our journey.

Little back history: When Jake and I started dating we loved eachother through food. Everything we did and said was mostly about food. Jake was 440lbs and I was a stocky 286lbs. Once we got married we knew the way we lived needed to change. Jake started low carb and lost 140lbs the first year. I didn't quite get on the weight loss wagon till later that year but once I started weight watchers I lost 78lbs in 7 months.

It was hit and miss, on and off again, losing and gaining for the last 2+ years. This rut is deep and wide but we are putting on our cleats and starting this treck as if it were day one.

Jake @ 325lbs on 5/10/11
Beth @ 250lbs on 5/10/11

We attended 3 crossfit classes last week, backpacking over the weekend and this week plan to hit at least 5 crossfit classes.

Welcome to our journey. Lets do this together. Join us. Laugh with us (or at us). Read all about us as we push through our strongest addition.

Pictures to come!
~ Beth

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  1. You guys rock! Love the blog! We'll add it to our blog roll on The Bacon Diaries!