Monday, May 30, 2011

Feast Weekend

I had Friday off from work and I desired to make some new things. I went to the store and equipped myself with tools of the trade.

First thing I did was toast some almonds. They are good on just about anything and I can’t seem to get enough. Then I put in 5 large sweet potatoes to bake. While everything was baking, I cut up veggies for salads and started on making stuffed mini peppers.

Now, I didn’t have a recipe for this pepper idea but I knew what I wanted. I wanted pork (preferably bacon – which I couldn’t find without sugar, so ground pork was what I got) with egg, liver, and spices.

1 lbs ground pork
8 chicken livers
2 eggs
1 cup onion

I put all the ingredients in the food processor and mixed well. I prepped all the mini red peppers by washing and coring. Then I piped the meat mixture into the peppers and baked at 400 for 30-45 min. 

Then I made the Bacon Diaries mustard salad dressing in the food processor. Click here for recipe. 

The next day my dad put the pork shoulders in the smoker to do their thing for the next 24 hours. 
My Dad - Rich, doing what he loves most... SMOKIN'

I had sweet potato cakes for breakfast.

1 cup cooked mashed sweet potatoes
1 cup cooked ground pork (w/onion)
2 eggs

In a hot skillet with bacon fat I add dollops of the mixture. Cooked on each side till browned. 

I had a grilled tuna stake and grilled carrots. 

 Then my dad did a smoked turkey... oh sooooo good!!

Cabbage salad with mustard dressing, stuffed peppers and sweet potatoes.

Broccoli salad - with homemade cesar dressing (minus the worcestershire sause because
SURPRISE it has sugar in it), and raisins (which I am learning have too much sugar and shouldn't be consumed :-( .


  1. What a freaking feast!! We're working a post about our salmon filled weekend. My dad made ribs yesterday which were amazing but the sauce had sugar in it :P We ate it anyway though!