Sunday, May 22, 2011

Let's Get Crackin'

Today is day one of the Whole30 challenge.

This morning we are going through our cupboards and tossing anything that doesn't "fit" into this selection of food.  Since so many of the "non-acceptable" items live in our home we plan to give our cupboards a facelift. This is really going to feel up so much space in our already crowded cupboard space. Love it!

This afternoon we have a BBQ with the other participants to talk about rules of the challenge and how to WIN the money. Each person is bringing a Whole30/Paleo food dish to share with 20 recipes to share with the other players.

Each person is giving $10 plus our gym manager Winslow is putting $100 of his own money in the pot to sweeten the win. This could mean a $250 prize (or more).

As Jake and I are extremely competitive we are going to hit the crossfit gym hard. Going no less then 3 times a week - hopin for five and on a good week 6 days.

I (Beth) is also committing to the new Whole30: Kill Your TV which means: "No watching, listening or “casually observing” television shows, movies, documentaries, music videos, music channels, exercise clips or YouTube videos on any form of “screen”… including your computer, iPhone or a portable DVD playerResist the urge to replace one screen with another. If you find yourself surfing the internet every night for hours because you can’t watch TV, check yourself. The idea is to unplug - not switch plugs."
Let the LIFE CHANGING fun begin.

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