Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beth - Whole30 - 30 days Before and After Photos


 Before 250lbs                                         After 237lbs

Before and After
Weight       250    -  237  = total lost 13lbs

Neck       15  -  14.5  =  0.5

Chest       49.5   -  46.75   =  2.75

Waist       47   -  42   =  5

Hips        51.5  -   51.75   =  -0.25

Thigh        25.5   -  26   =  -0.5

Calf        18.5   -  20   =  -1.5

Bicep        16   -  16.5   =  -0.5

Forearm        11   -  10.75   =  0.25

Total inches lost = 5.75

LDL Cholesterol

Can this topic get anymore complicated?

I got the call from my doctor today at 10am. I have high LDL levels. I had to look LDL up on the internet to even know what she was talking about.

LDL: Low-density lipoprotein
If its not over your head you can read about LDL on Wikipedia here:

“Normal” levels are under 100. Mind is 109.

I thought I better do some research. I started looking up articles and to no avail, they were too hard to understand with all the doctor and science talk. Oy.

Just last week we were at dinner with our close friends and had a conversation about how high-cholesterol does not cause heart disease. It was very educational but what does high cholesterol mean then?
Do I need to worry about it?
Will it make losing weight harder?
Do I need to get it down even through it doesn’t cause heart disease?
Sometimes easy answers are hard to find.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Backpacking + Eating = Whole30 Love

We went backpacking this weekend and had a great time. We did plan our food so we could stay within the Whole30 guidelines which was super tasty.
Onions, Egg, Pork, and olives. With Humble Bean Coffee.

Mid-morning Tea Time

Heating our water for Tea Time

Pesto (dariy free) Burgers on the Fire


Us at the Roaring River
Even CrossFit in the woods.

Last week I made many wonderful things...
Pork with a BBQ seasoning (no sugar) and Garlic Asparagus

Garlic Pork with slightly sauted Collard Greens

Coconut Pork

Omlete - Olives, roasted red peppers, and spinach.
PS: Pork was on sale $1.98 a pound. Lots of pork this week.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friend Starting Whole30

I am happy to annouce that one of my best friends is starting Whole30 and I am so excited I wrote her an email to share my experience so far.

This is that letter:
Dear Jen,

I am so excited you are starting the Whole30. It has really changed my outlook on food and its truly been easy for me. I am on day 20 and plan to continue after the 30 days.

I hope you have been checking out our blog, as it has tons of recipes and food ideas – in addition to all the fun things we are learning.

One thing that is a challenge is all the cooking you have to do. There is no winging it with this food plan. We can’t just go out and eat fast food or even at restaurants unless we don’t mind being picky. I also feel concerned that even though restaurants won’t stay true to what I really want and need. So, for me its safer to just stay away and cook at home. It’s also really amazing how much money we are saving from not eating out.

Its hard to keep enough veggies in the house and its hard to get through them before they go bad. It’s a fine line. Learning new ways of cooking without soy sauce and sugars is also something that I saw as a challenge and now, its not a big deal.

No dairy - I thought that dairy would be the hard one but its relatively easy. Coffee is now black and I actually don’t mind. No cheese and haven’t really missed it - I do think about it but only a thought not a craving, in fact, I don’t even get cravings.

No beans, yeah whatever no big deal and wow… we fart way less. Its amazing how smelly we were before. 

No sugar (of any kind - even substitutes)– this has been frustrating only because in America they put it in everything (even meat), reading labels is now an art form and enjoyable.

No processed food - is easy to avoid when you try to just eat whole, real, healthy, and good for you things.

No alcohol – easy peasy. A good reason to give it up.

No grains or white potatoes – we really didn’t eat many grains or potatoes before no thing to fret about.

I’ve limited my fruit intake only because I want to lose weight but its totally allowed.

Not having sugars in my diet has really opened my eyes to how sweet things are NATURALLY. It’s amazing. I had an orange about a week ago and it was so sweet I didn’t finished it. ME, not finish food. I must be a changed woman.

I have not been able to weight myself but at this point it doesn’t even matter. I feel great. My whole outlook on life has changed. I’m so happy – truly. I am not making it up. I am sure CrossFit can take some of that credit too but all together I really feel like a new person. My brain works better and I don’t spend hours of my day thinking about food. The old tempting things at work are no longer an issue for me and I’m even excited when I get to say no to thing I know aren’t good for me.

I am trying veggies I would have never tried before and it’s cool because they actually taste food.

All that to say, WELCOME to the Whole30 way of life. It’s a trip worth taking! I can’t wait to share it with you.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cultural Sugar High

Ok... I'm so disgusted right now. It's day 18 and I feel awesome. Food is good and good for me. Cravings are MIA and I'm enjoying life. I was desiring an iced coffee (which is rare) so I went to Starbucks (against my better judgment since starbucks coffee is over roasted - but it's convenient) and I order an iced coffee light ice. The guy making it was on the phone but super quick and efficient. I was in and out no problem. On the walk to my car I took a sip - spit it out all over my flip flopped feet.
It has SUGAR in it?!?!?
I turned around and went back inside and said (nicely), "This is wrong I ordered an iced coffee and this is sweetened." The man on the phone responded, "it comes sweetened - but I'll remake it without sweetener." Then the guy who took my order came over and said, "What happened?" I explained and he said I have to ask for no simple syrup. WHAT! I have to ask for no sweetener when I order iced coffee? I didn't order a sweetened iced coffee - just coffee!

Our culture has it all wrong!

Side note: after having the sweetened coffee in my mouth for a couple seconds I learned something. It's GROSS! I know, the sweetener Queen is forfeiting her crown. You heard me GROSS! So, Whole30 might have been a 30 day challenge but it's now a lifestyle for me. I consider it a gift I am giving myself. A new kind of self care. Whole30 changed my life!

Dear Sugar,

I know I’ve been distant lately, and we don’t even have our daily meals every two hours like we use too, so I figured I at least owed it to you to explain why I’ve been acting the way I have. I’ve just gotten tired of all of the ups and downs that result whenever we get together.

I  want to have a healthier relationship, with somebody more stable and beneficial for me to develop as a person. Our hookups just feel like empty affairs to me, and I need more than that – I need something nourishing.

I use to believe that it was normal for me to feel like a zombie whenever you were gone, and to pass out from exhaustion soon after we got together. But I don’t want to feel like that anymore. I’d rather just feel good all of the time, and not feel so crappy if I didn’t get to see you the whole day. That kind of dependence just isn’t healthy.

You say that I’m a different person now but I’m not, really. I suppose I do feel a lot different, since I’m not as cranky as I use to be. My friends say I look different, and have lost weight, but it’s not like I was really trying to. I think it just melted away like a weight off my shoulders once we stopped seeing each other and the stress from that was gone.

And stop trying to accuse me of cheating on you with Fat. It’s not like I wasn’t friends with her while we were together! I just needed something to fill the hole in my life that you use to occupy, and Fat was there when I needed her. When we’re together, I feel great, I feel content. I’m not sure where it will lead, but Fat isn’t as bad as everybody says, that’s just baseless gossip – so please stop all of the trash talking.

Besides, it’s not like you won’t find somebody else to fall hopelessly in love with you. Everybody likes you, with that addictive personality you have. I admit it, there are even times when I miss you – but it’s over. It will be best if I just move on, and don’t leave myself open to temptation. We had some good times together, but this is it. 

Have a nice life Sugar, you won’t be a part of mine.

All my hate, 

I did not write the letter, it was shared with me. Source unknown. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Post Workout EASY Meal

Pan fried pork chops w/EVOO
Sauteed Collard Greens w/leftover sauteed bacon and onions.

Thai Coconut Curry

-About pound of meat (whatever is on hand) I used some grass fed beef.
-A can of coconut milk
-coconut or olive oil
-handful of fresh basil
-Thai red curry paste to taste.
-1 onion
-1 bunch asparagus
-a few leaves of kale
-1/2 a small sweet potato
-red bell pepper

Cooking instruction
Saute onion, bell pepper and meat in olive or coconut oil. Slightly baked the sweet potato in microwave to give it a head start. Chop up everything up. Put all ingredients in a pot. Simmer until hot. Made 4 servings.

Super easy, nutritious, and yummy.

THANK YOU MARA for the recipe! Jake and I love it. I actually LOVED something with curry... this is a HUGE victory. 

Yummy Omelet

Bacon (sugarless of course)
3 Eggs

I saute the onions and chopped bacon till they are nice and crisp. Then turn off the burner and add the olives on-top, just to get them warm.

I add the 3 eggs to a fry pan and once cooked through I flip. Adding all the filling and plate.

SUPER EASY and best omelet in a long time.

Sweet Potato Cake

2 cups cooked mashed sweet potatoes
1/2 cup sauteed bacon and onions
1/2 cup cooked ground pork
1 cup egg whites (could use whole eggs - I just needed to use the white since I made salad dressing with the yokes).

Put in baking dish (8x8 or smaller).

Baked in toaster oven on convection setting at 400 for 90 min.

Venison Meatballs and Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Ground venison
Sea salt

Brussel Sprouts
Sea Salt
Olive Oil

Mix ground venison and sea salt. Roll into balls and fry in bacon grease. Once cooked through remove from heat and put MINCED onions in the remaining oil. Cook till soft then toss balls back in and mix. Serve.

SIDE NOTE: Venison is deer meat and tastes a lot like lamb to me. LOVE IT! You can get it at Fly Fish Meat Company (obviously they sell more then just fish).

Cut brussel sprouts in half toss with chopped onions, garlic, sea salt, and olive oil. Roast face down on cookie sheet for 15-25 min at 400.

STEAK and Asparagus

Steak (we like london broil)
Olive Oil

Olive Oil

HEAT cast iron pan or grill to medium-hot. Coat steak in oil and rub on seasonings - place on HOT grill or pan. Cook without turning or touching for about 5 min. FLIP - put lid on but again, do not touch for at least 5 min.

Cut ends off asparagus - put in gallon ziplock bag with garlic and olive oil. Seal and shake. Add to hot pan or grill. If in pan... open a window it will smoke. :-)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Chiropractic Love

I wanted to give a solid, “You told me so!” to my loyal, professional, and best chiropractor I know.

Tim Saruk from City Chiropractic.

First, you told me, “You know how I feel about splenda, its not good for you – its really doing a number on your body, even if you can’t feel it.”

Second, you told me, “Dairy is probably really doing a number on your digestive system. Swich to coconut milk or something else.”

On both accounts, YOU WERE RIGHT!

I cannot express in words the change in my body, mind and spirit. I am happier, I feel better (overall), and I am not as easily irritable.

Thank you for being a caring, and compassionate doctor that cares about my overall health, not just my spine and back pain.

Friends - if you are in the market for a chiropractor that understands OVERALL health, Tim is your man.

YOU ROCK! Thank you Tim!

PS: you also told me to use my head weights... soon enough I will tell you that you are right about this too. :-)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Process of Inoculation

inculcate |inˈkəlˌkāt; ˈinkəl- instill (an attitude, idea, or habit) by persistent instruction
• teach (someone) an attitude, idea, or habit by such instruction : they will try to inculcate you with a respect for culture.

When I was 440lbs there were a ton of ways I was numb to the fact that I was slowly committing suicide with my habits. One of my drugs of choice was technology (TV, intertent, and video games). I always thought I never had enough time for working out, training, and going to the shooting range. 

Then I had an Ah Ha moment when I sat down to watch the show Biggest Loser with an entire large pizza all to myself. I realized two things in that moment; 1. that with all the technology - there wasn't enough time for what I truly desired in my heart to do, which is martial arts. 2. was that I was living vicariously though others and I wanted to start doing what I use to love. 

This realization has changed my life forever... my down time has been transformed into something amazing. It's actually enjoyable and peaceful since I am not filling that time with video games, TV, and videos. In fact, I am also saving tons of money since we don't have cable and video games to eat away at the budget. Now I am not saying that technology is bad in and of itself but what I am saying is anything moderation is key! but the real challenge is to ask yourself this - Is this benefiting me?

If you too would like to know what technology freedom feels like - check out this challenge on - Kill Your TV. It will challenge you in ways you probably never foresaw. 

Here is to the inoculation of deadly habits and the welcoming of life giving changes! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Homemade Pesto (Dairy Free)

Happy June everyone!

As it is raining and raining and I am thankful for how much I am loving CrossFit Woodstock and how much this new diet (Paleo/Whole30) has made me feel amazing. Although my muscles are crying for mercy and my life is increasingly more busy, I am so thankful for all the wonderful blessings I have and how happy I am about it.

Debbie Downer use to be my middle name and now I’m Silly Sally. I laugh a lot now and I LOVE IT!

Pants are fitting not as tight. I’m not feeling bloated. I am not sluggish or irritable after eating. Food tastes better and naturally sweet things are actually sweet. I’m in love!

Yesterday I attempted pesto without parmesan cheese and I was SHOCKED that I love it more then the old way. This pesto is the best pesto I have ever had.

ROUGHLY these ingredients to taste:
2 tbsp crushed garlic (I like the kind in the oil)
½ cup pine nuts (could use walnuts since pine nuts are so expensive)
½ cup olive oil
Sea Salt (or table salt) to taste
Pepper (I prefer white pepper) to taste
2 cups PACKED basil (at the store they have large boxes of basil – use the whole box)

Add garlic, nuts, olive oil, salt and pepper and blend in food processor or blender. Once semi-smooth smash the basil in and blend. Its very thick and will need to be smashed in a couple times in order to get it blending well. Blend till semi-smooth. Taste and add more salt and pepper to YOUR taste. LOVE IT!

Makes about 1.5 cups.


Perfect on hard boiled eggs. YUMMY!