Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cultural Sugar High

Ok... I'm so disgusted right now. It's day 18 and I feel awesome. Food is good and good for me. Cravings are MIA and I'm enjoying life. I was desiring an iced coffee (which is rare) so I went to Starbucks (against my better judgment since starbucks coffee is over roasted - but it's convenient) and I order an iced coffee light ice. The guy making it was on the phone but super quick and efficient. I was in and out no problem. On the walk to my car I took a sip - spit it out all over my flip flopped feet.
It has SUGAR in it?!?!?
I turned around and went back inside and said (nicely), "This is wrong I ordered an iced coffee and this is sweetened." The man on the phone responded, "it comes sweetened - but I'll remake it without sweetener." Then the guy who took my order came over and said, "What happened?" I explained and he said I have to ask for no simple syrup. WHAT! I have to ask for no sweetener when I order iced coffee? I didn't order a sweetened iced coffee - just coffee!

Our culture has it all wrong!

Side note: after having the sweetened coffee in my mouth for a couple seconds I learned something. It's GROSS! I know, the sweetener Queen is forfeiting her crown. You heard me GROSS! So, Whole30 might have been a 30 day challenge but it's now a lifestyle for me. I consider it a gift I am giving myself. A new kind of self care. Whole30 changed my life!

Dear Sugar,

I know I’ve been distant lately, and we don’t even have our daily meals every two hours like we use too, so I figured I at least owed it to you to explain why I’ve been acting the way I have. I’ve just gotten tired of all of the ups and downs that result whenever we get together.

I  want to have a healthier relationship, with somebody more stable and beneficial for me to develop as a person. Our hookups just feel like empty affairs to me, and I need more than that – I need something nourishing.

I use to believe that it was normal for me to feel like a zombie whenever you were gone, and to pass out from exhaustion soon after we got together. But I don’t want to feel like that anymore. I’d rather just feel good all of the time, and not feel so crappy if I didn’t get to see you the whole day. That kind of dependence just isn’t healthy.

You say that I’m a different person now but I’m not, really. I suppose I do feel a lot different, since I’m not as cranky as I use to be. My friends say I look different, and have lost weight, but it’s not like I was really trying to. I think it just melted away like a weight off my shoulders once we stopped seeing each other and the stress from that was gone.

And stop trying to accuse me of cheating on you with Fat. It’s not like I wasn’t friends with her while we were together! I just needed something to fill the hole in my life that you use to occupy, and Fat was there when I needed her. When we’re together, I feel great, I feel content. I’m not sure where it will lead, but Fat isn’t as bad as everybody says, that’s just baseless gossip – so please stop all of the trash talking.

Besides, it’s not like you won’t find somebody else to fall hopelessly in love with you. Everybody likes you, with that addictive personality you have. I admit it, there are even times when I miss you – but it’s over. It will be best if I just move on, and don’t leave myself open to temptation. We had some good times together, but this is it. 

Have a nice life Sugar, you won’t be a part of mine.

All my hate, 

I did not write the letter, it was shared with me. Source unknown. 

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