Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Homemade Pesto (Dairy Free)

Happy June everyone!

As it is raining and raining and I am thankful for how much I am loving CrossFit Woodstock and how much this new diet (Paleo/Whole30) has made me feel amazing. Although my muscles are crying for mercy and my life is increasingly more busy, I am so thankful for all the wonderful blessings I have and how happy I am about it.

Debbie Downer use to be my middle name and now I’m Silly Sally. I laugh a lot now and I LOVE IT!

Pants are fitting not as tight. I’m not feeling bloated. I am not sluggish or irritable after eating. Food tastes better and naturally sweet things are actually sweet. I’m in love!

Yesterday I attempted pesto without parmesan cheese and I was SHOCKED that I love it more then the old way. This pesto is the best pesto I have ever had.

ROUGHLY these ingredients to taste:
2 tbsp crushed garlic (I like the kind in the oil)
½ cup pine nuts (could use walnuts since pine nuts are so expensive)
½ cup olive oil
Sea Salt (or table salt) to taste
Pepper (I prefer white pepper) to taste
2 cups PACKED basil (at the store they have large boxes of basil – use the whole box)

Add garlic, nuts, olive oil, salt and pepper and blend in food processor or blender. Once semi-smooth smash the basil in and blend. Its very thick and will need to be smashed in a couple times in order to get it blending well. Blend till semi-smooth. Taste and add more salt and pepper to YOUR taste. LOVE IT!

Makes about 1.5 cups.


Perfect on hard boiled eggs. YUMMY!

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